How to build and strengthen your child’s personality

Self esteem and respect

 Raising a child on self-confidence is considered one of the most important steps in building his personality, as self-esteem and feelings of contentment greatly affect his mental health and social happiness, which is the basis of the child’s well-being and success in the future; where self-confidence affects the behavior issued by the individual, whatever His age; self-confidence helps to coexist with others and to feel satisfied with them.

 Taking into account individual differences

 Children differ from each other in their personalities, and parents must treat their child as unique and different, and stay away from comparing it with his peers of the same age or even his siblings, and parents must know their child’s needs and strengths, deal with them, and develop them to build his personality.

 Encourage the child to play

 Giving the child sufficient time to play is the key to building his personality and prosperity, because it has a great impact on the child’s development, it helps him to develop physical, mental, and emotional, when the child plays, he learns exploration, leadership, and decision-making, as he learns to work in groups and settle differences with Others, solving his problems on his own, as well as trying to play various roles and develop his imagination.

Avoid criticizing the child

 One of the most important things that parents should take care of is to let their child’s personality grow and develop on its own, away from forming it according to their views or the opinions of others around them, and that is by avoiding criticizing the child and calling him some words such as: shyness, bullying, cruelty, and other characteristics.

Give the child true love

 Granting true love helps build the child’s personality and development, and true love for the child does not mean satisfying everything he requests and giving him whatever he wants without any opposition, but what is meant by true love is to meet what the child needs, and to provide the best for him regardless of the things he wants and requests.